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BOARD GAME – SanGuoSha The Chinese version of Bang !

Sanguosha is the Chinese version of Bang! with the theme of one of the four most famous Chinese story called  ”Romance of the Three Kingdoms” …

It’s also the card game the most played among Chinese people young generation .

I really think that this version is MUCH BETTER than Bang! because each players  has specials abilities (according to the  book story) and each weapons has a special power that really improve the game!

Also there are more collaborative functions (you can give a peach=beer to anyone in the game, you also can take a weapon of someone to kill another guy with a special card, you can reincarnate with the help of players  etc.. etc …)

If you want to learn this 39 yuan game, i have created a word file with the heroes cards scan and description in English  here

You also can go the BGG page here  or to go the blog

Enjoy the game !

PS : fyi the 4 most famous Chinese stories are :

  • xi you ji = Journey to the West (Monkey and Tripitaka, the novel that inspired )
  • san guo yan yi = Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Shu, Wu, Wei)
  • hong lou meng = Dream of the the Red Mansions
  • shui huzhuan = what is this one?
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